When you’re trying to balance work and study, there may be times when you feel as though everything is getting on top of you and you need to take time out. Being able to unwind and have some ‘you’ time plays an important part in your mental wellbeing; stopping you from getting too anxious or stressed out. Here, we run through 5 ways to make relaxation part of your daily schedule.

1.Focus on your breathing

Taking just a few minutes out of your day to focus on deep breathing can help you feel calmer and more relaxed. Find somewhere you can sit quietly without being disturbed, then focus on breathing in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth. See if you can make each inhale and exhale last for a count of 4 seconds, and adjust the count until you feel at your most comfortable.

2.Listen to music

Music feeds our mood and can affect our emotions, so listening to a few of our favourite tracks can make us instantly feel much better.  If you feel like getting up and dancing around the room whilst listening to music, indulge yourself. If you’d prefer to sit and close your eyes whilst you listen on your headphones, that’s okay too! Do whatever works best for you.

3.Discover your creative side

Taking part in an activity which requires you to be creative can help you instantly de-stress. Try writing in a journal, doing an adult colouring book, learning an instrument, drawing or baking. Experiment with whatever feeds your creativity, and enjoy the process rather than focusing too much on what the outcome will be.

4.Have a technology detox

Checking social media is often the first thing we do when we wake, and the last thing we do before we go to bed. However, finding out what’s happening in everyone else’s life often conflicts with our own wellbeing; leaving us under constant pressure to check newsfeeds and scroll through new photos. Take a step back from your phone and make sure the last hour before bed is technology-free – this will help you unwind and get to sleep much quicker.

5.Get some fresh air

You may spend a lot of time cooped up indoors, either at work during the day or at home during the evening. But, going outside to get some fresh air can work wonders for relaxing you. Try taking a short walk around the block on your lunch break, or spending time in green spaces when you come back from work.

How do you relax when you’re feeling stressed out? Share your ideas with us below!


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