Ensuring your child has the right GCSEs for their chosen career can be tricky; especially if they didn’t achieve them at school. Your child’s future job could be determined based on these grades as a C or above in GCSE Maths and English is becoming the standard for many roles.

But how can you ensure you’re supporting your child in the best way possible at this time?

Make sure they take the right course

Retaking GCSE subjects can be costly and you’ll need to ensure your child is getting the full GCSE and not an ‘equivalent.’ ICS offer full GCSEs in both English and Maths as online courses – and they’re one of the cheapest providers too! It’s a one-off fee for the course and then added fees to book their exams. Alternatively, if your child learns better in a face to face environment, look for local colleges or institutions that may offer evening classes for those wishing to do GCSE retakes.

Work after hours

Whether your child is taking their GCSEs alongside a full time job or an apprenticeship, in order to pass they will need to dedicate lots of hard work after hours. Support your child by removing any sources of stress at home or lengthy commitments that could draw them away from their studies, and remember to continually provide encouragement.

Help them create a study plan

The first step to creating a study plan is to have an idea of what your child wants to achieve, this might be to complete one topic of Maths each week, and therefore you can ensure they have the time to concentrate on this. Having a time frame on the goal will give them a boost in motivation to achieve it. You could also offer incentives such as doing something they enjoy on a Friday, or cooking their favourite meal – on the condition they complete that topic!

Test what they’ve learnt

One of the best ways to see progress with learning is to actually test what they’ve learnt. At the end of each topic, you could set up a mock test and offer to mark the answers and provide feedback about what they’ve got right. This will give your child the opportunity to put into practice what they’ve learnt and spot holes in topics they need to spend more time on.

If you follow these steps you’ll be on the right track to supporting your child’s journey as they sit their exams!

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