The decision to change jobs can be a difficult one and isn’t something to be decided overnight. If you’re no longer enjoying your job or you feel as though you don’t fit in and find yourself frequently thinking about moving on, then you should ask yourself the following:

Are you bored with your job?

Are you lacking the passion and drive that gets you out of bed in the morning? Is your job not challenging you enough? Feeling as though you’re not being stretched to your full potential in your job can be demoralising; it may be worth speaking with your manager about taking on additional responsibilities before you consider moving on.

Are you being overworked?

Do you feel as though you’re doing more than your fair share of work and not being appreciated? Too much pressure at work can increase your stress levels, which isn’t good for your mental health. If this begins to affect you at home as well as work, then speak to your manager about it first. If nothing changes, then think about looking for a job elsewhere.

Have your values changed?

If you’re feeling as though your values and drive no longer match the company you’re working for, this might be the reason that you’re not enjoying your job; try looking for a role which is more closely aligned with your values and beliefs.

Do you have a career path?

If there is no clear room for progression within your role and you’d like to move forward with your career, speak with your manager. They may be able to work with you to support your development within the company with the aim of helping you progress towards a higher role.

Do you like the people you work with?

You spend the majority of your day with the people you work with but sometimes people just don’t get along with one another, or you might be feeling left out. If you find that this affecting how you feel when you’re at work it might be worth looking for somewhere you’ll feel more comfortable.

Are you experiencing any form of abuse or harassment?

If you’re the victim of any bullying or any other form of abuse within the workplace that is not being dealt with effectively, it is 100% worth looking for a role elsewhere. You need to feel safe and secure in any working environment.

If you’re finding yourself agreeing with one or more of these statements then you should consider looking for somewhere else to work. Regardless of your reasons, being happy in your job is vital to both yourself and the company you work for.

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