Conducting interviews throughout the day can be exhausting; so it helps to follow a systematic approach with each candidate. Doing this will also ensure that everyone you interview is given equal treatment before you make your decision on who should get the job. So, here are 6 essential steps to help ensure each interview goes as smoothly as possible!

1. Choose your location carefully

You’ll need to choose a location where you can speak to the candidate without being disturbed.  Let staff know that you’re interviewing so you don’t get interrupted; it might also help to hang a notice on the door to stop people accidentally walking in.

2. Give yourself time to prepare

Give yourself a few minutes before the interview starts to read through the candidate’s CV, making note of anything you’d like to cover off.  Taking this time will ensure you’re not flustered when they come in the room and trying to play catch-up, helping them to form a good first impression of your setting.

3. Explain the interview format

For a junior role, it may be the candidate’s first interview – in which case they may not know what to expect. To help the interview run smoothly, let them know you’ll be asking questions about the information and skills they listed on their CV.  Tell the candidate they’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions at the end.

4. Be friendly and approachable

Make sure you balance being formal/professional with also being a friendly and warm interviewer. If you put the candidate at ease, they’re more likely to open up and be comfortable with telling you everything you want to know.

5. Tell them more about the job

It’s easy to forget that, whilst the candidate is ‘selling’ themselves to you, you’re also trying to ‘sell’ yourself as an employer. Give the candidate some background as to what they’ll be doing if they get the job including hours of work, holidays etc. You may also wish to show them around the setting after the interview concludes.

6. Let them know next steps

Once the interview has ended, make sure you thank the candidate for attending and explain how they’ll hear from you regarding whether they’ve been successful. You may wish to show them out personally or have a colleague on hand to be able to take care of this for you.

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