A pre-school believes an injustice has been corrected after Ofsted changed their rating from ‘inadequate’ to ‘good’.

Manager of the pre-school, Helen Jacklin, said it took just one day to correct the problems at Brookside Pre-school in Gunthorpe. Ofsted inspectors had previously declared that the setting compromised children’s safety.

Ms Jacklin said: “I’m really pleased with the report and it’s what we deserve. The parents have always known that and we’ve had lots of support from them. They did not understand what went wrong last time.

“Hopefully, they are as pleased as we are.”

The original rating was a result of an administrative error, meaning that Ofsted did not receive information on a committee member of Brookside Methodist Church, where the pre-school is based. It was also based on the information that someone externally, who the pre-school knew about, had access to their kitchen.

“All the staff put in a lot of hard work, so to get an ‘inadequate’ report for the issues we got them for – the system just does not seem fair. But even in the last report the quality of teaching and the outcomes for children were good.

“This puts the record straight.

“The two issues we had to deal with – one final piece of paperwork needed filling in by a committee member and the person who had a key to access our kitchen no longer has one.

“It literally took a day to put right.

“The last six months we’ve been stuck with this. Any new parents are going to think ‘I should not send my children there anymore’. But it’s now all good.”

The pre-school’s most recent report states that the children “develop warm, affectionate relationships with their key person and confidently approach them for guidance, support, and reassurance. A welcoming and friendly atmosphere greets all children and their families.”

The Ofsted Inspector also said of the setting: “Good quality observations and accurate assessments help staff to plan interesting and motivating activities that children enjoy.”

The pre-school is not yet ‘outstanding’ because “some staff do not always fully challenge and extend children’s learning in activities.”

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