High quality images are eye-catching to parents; they look smart and keep people engaged whilst visiting your site. Websites with clear images also attract 94% more visitors than those without. Therefore, having high quality images on your website could be the difference between a successful site which makes a good first impression on new parents and one which makes visitors want to click off it.

They showcase your setting

‘Images speak a thousand words,’ clichéd but true. Images help to sell your values to your customers before they even have the chance to read your content. They showcase your business; if you display lots of happy employees and children then visitors will believe you’re a happy, caring organisation. Images also help to engage users to click through your pages, which reduces your bounce rate (the amount of people who exit your website from a specific page). Studies tell us that if you have good quality images for your potential customers to look at, people will spend more time on your website which leads to a better customer experience.

They enhance your SEO

SEO is what makes your website appear on search engines, and determines how high you appear in search results. Images help to boost this. You can add ‘alt tags’ to your images which are designed to suit the visually impaired as well as browsers/devices that don’t support images. Alt tags provide a brief idea for visitors of what your image is, even if they can’t see it, and search engines recognise this and boost your ranking as a result.

They help to attract more customers

As stated earlier, websites with plenty of good quality images attract more visitors than those without. This means that you’ll have more traffic circulating your website which can lead to an increase in enquiries. Images also build credibility with your brand, providing action shots of your setting which tie in with your content.

Using clear and good quality images on your website will help to attract more parents to your setting. They’ll love to see what their child might be up to if they were to attend your nursery and it’ll give them a clear picture of your business before they arrange a showround.

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