If you’re feeling particularly stressed out about the amount of work involved in your course, leaving your apprenticeship early may seem the solution to all your problems. But have you thought about the knock-on effects of leaving part way through your training? We explore four consequences below:

What will it look like on your CV?

How do you plan to fill the gap in your CV left by not finishing your apprenticeship? Many employers will pick up on these gaps and ask you to provide a suitable reason. “I didn’t want to do it anymore…” or “It got too hard…” will not be looked on favourably! Think beyond your present situation and see the effect leaving your apprenticeship will have on your future employment.

Will you regret your decision to leave?

Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. You may be okay with your decision initially, but in a few months’ time when you’ve gained some perspective on the situation you may regret not achieving your qualification. Wouldn’t it actually be better to stay and finish your training rather than wasting the time and effort you’ve put into your course so far?

How will future employers view your decision?

Try to view your decision to leave your apprenticeship from the perspective of an employer. If you had two candidates going for the same job and one had finished their apprenticeship but the other hadn’t…who would you choose for the role? Deciding to stay and complete your training (even if it’s stressful) speaks volumes about the kind of person you are and will give any future employer peace of mind that you’re the right candidate for the role.

How easy will it be to find another opportunity like this?

According to the gov.uk website, 90% of apprentices stay in employment and a quarter of former apprentices receive a promotion (23%) within 12 months of finishing. If you’d like to work in childcare, then one of the easiest ways to access the sector is by doing an apprenticeship. This is especially true if you’ve had little experience of working with children, as your training will provide you with all the vital skills you need. Very few roles outside of an apprenticeship would be able to provide you with the same learning and career advancement opportunities that you currently have.

Of course, there are instances where leaving your apprenticeship is outside of your control – for instance, if you fell ill. However, in many other cases, it makes sense to stay until the end of the course. Remember, you can always confide in your assessor to ask for extra guidance and support if you’re struggling. They’ll do whatever they can to assist you, so that you finish your apprenticeship with the qualification you deserve.






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