Choosing the right nursery management software for your setting can be a daunting task. There are so many companies to choose from, each providing different benefits and claiming they’re the best at what they do.

That’s all well and good, but surely the price is the most influential factor in deciding which nursery management software you’ll buy? It’s saving money that counts! Well, this shouldn’t be your line of thinking in this instance. The deciding factor should be whether the software you’re about to buy will put your entire business (and your children) at risk.

We spoke to our Head of Information Solutions, Daniel Gooding, to find out what questions you need to ask to make an informed choice when buying nursery management software:

1. Is the software company only servicing the early years sector or do they truly live and breathe all things childcare?

Some companies have a single motivation: making software that sells. Their job is to get you to part with your money. Beyond this, they have absolutely no involvement in the childcare sector. They don’t have a good understanding of the challenges providers face and they don’t keep up to date with changes in legislation which affect the sector. Without this understanding, how can they provide software which truly meets all your needs? Parenta is different – we do all these things and provide advice and guidance to settings on all aspects of childcare. We don’t just service the sector; we live and breathe all things childcare!

2. Are they a well-established company?

There’s no point in choosing the cheapest software on the market if that company is new and likely to go bust within a year. Think of the impact this will have on your business, if all your child information and personal data is then completely lost. So, make sure you do some background checks first.  How long have they been around for? Do they have a good credit score? Are they a reputable and established brand? Don’t take chances by using a company which could threaten your business later on down the line.

3. Will the software adapt if your business grows in future?

Some software providers segregate their software into different sized packages. Under 50 children? You can choose a smaller, cheaper package. 51 children? You need to upgrade to the next package and pay extra for the privilege! However, Parenta’s nursery management software is scalable, meaning that as your business grows, the software will adapt. There are no hidden costs or extra payments to do this, instead, you can relax and be reassured that your staff won’t need to be retrained on a new system if you choose to expand.

4. How often do they update or enhance the software?

Government changes to legislation happen all the time, so you want to choose software which will keep ahead of the curve (without you even having to think about it). Parenta’s nursery management software is updated weekly, so improvements are always being made. The best part? You can benefit from added features without having to pay anything extra to use them. You’ll also get free training from our team if there’s any aspect of the system you’re unsure of.

5. How resilient is the company in the face of unforeseen difficulties/problems?

Make sure you know how often the software is backed up, and what procedures the company has for keeping your data secure. You want to have piece of mind that all the information they hold will be kept safe from loss. If the software was compromised from an online attack, how quickly would the company be able to get everything back up and running again? Don’t take the risk by using a cheap provider who hasn’t got sufficient security in place and doesn’t back up your data on a regular basis.

Imagine saving a few hundred pounds on buying your nursery management software, only to find that the software company goes bust or loses all your personal data a year down the line. Sometimes, a short term financial gain isn’t enough to outweigh the benefits of using a reputable provider who won’t let you down, who is resilient and robust, and who won’t put your business at risk of closure in the future. Choose wisely!

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