If you’ve never worked as an apprentice before, it can often be hard to separate the fact from the fiction about what it’s really like. Here, we tackle 5 common myths associated with doing an apprenticeship so you can come to your own conclusions before you start your training.

Myth 1:

Apprenticeships are for people who didn’t get good grades 

If you’d like to go to university, doing an apprenticeship is a perfectly acceptable route. You can do an intermediate apprenticeship (equivalent to 5 GCSE passes), right through to Level 6 (bachelor’s degree) and higher! Apprenticeships are a really good alternative to A levels and give you many additional benefits outside of learning in a traditional classroom environment.

 Myth 2:

Apprenticeships are just for those who want to learn a trade

Apprenticeships are available across a wide variety of different sectors– including:

  • Creative and media
  • Business, administration and accounting
  • Construction, agriculture and environment
  • Engineering, IT and telecoms
  • Health and social care
  • Hospitality, transport and retail
  • Sports and leisure

So, no matter what industry you’d like to start your career in, you’re likely to find an apprenticeship role to suit your needs and level of experience.

Myth 3:

Apprentices don’t have many opportunities to progress

Doing an apprenticeship gets your foot in the door of an industry you’ve always wanted to work in, even if you’ve had no prior experience before you start. What’s more, according to the Skills Funding Agency, 71% of those who finish their apprenticeships stay on with their employer and a quarter receive a promotion within 12 months of completing their training.

Myth 4:

Apprentices miss out on student perks 

As an apprentice, you’ll still be able to take advantage of many of the perks that students have – like discount cards. The NUS Apprentice extra card gives you discount off shopping, driving lessons, travel and nights out. In many ways, doing an apprenticeship is so much better than going to university because you’ll be getting paid to learn, you won’t run up loads of debt, and you’ll be more employable when you finish your course.

With so many great reasons to start your apprenticeship journey, why not find out more?

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