Children are now legally allowed to leave school at 16, if they’re progressing on to an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are a great way for your child to get some first-hand experiences of the working world, without all the pressure of being an adult just yet. However, the transition is not always an easy one. There are lots of things you can do to help support your child as they make this step into their future:

  1. Ensure they understand the responsibilities of their role

Apprentice or not, working in the real world comes with real responsibilities and this is the perfect time for your child to learn this. However, you want to ensure their apprenticeship experience is a positive one and to do this they’ll need to understand that the business will have their own rules and regulations that they’ll have to respect.

  1. Help them understand the time difference

Whilst at school your child will be used to a 6 hour day, Monday to Friday, with 14 weeks of school holidays. This is a lot less demanding than a full-time apprenticeship, which requires you to work on a full-time basis, with at least 20 days holiday in a year. Not only this, but they’ll be expected to complete coursework and prepare for observations during their own time, too.

  1. Remind them of the benefits

It can be easy for your child to get caught up in the idea that working life is not for them and resent the extra hours they have to put in, but remind them of the rewards that come with completing an apprenticeship. They’ll have a recognised qualification at the end of it, they’ll have learnt a lot of theory behind their chosen career as well as having real life experiences and practice of the role. They’ll also have the opportunity to be kept on, providing they work hard and strive to benefit the company they work for.

Making sure your child understands these key things about the working world will help to ensure their role within the business is a positive one that enhances their professionalism and adds to their résumé!

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