Last month, there was change in the air as we officially moved from spring into summer. After months of dark and cold days, we’re finally starting to see some sunshine! So, what better way to mark a change in the seasons than by giving your setting a good spring clean? Here are 5 ways to start you off!

1. Get your finances in order

Parents who pay late can cause serious cash flow problems for your setting. In a survey Parenta ran in 2015, more than half of respondents (54%) admitted that they had to write off bad debts from parents in the past 12 months. One surefire way to combat this is to use fee collection software, so that payment is scheduled from parents’ bank accounts at the same time every month. No fuss, no hassle!

2. Move all your policies and procedures online

If you struggle to put your hands on the paperwork you need, why not consider moving all your policies and procedures online? Having a childcare website is a great way to do this. Not only is everything in one place for you to find, but it’s a great way to cut down on your printing costs. It’s also more convenient for parents, who can read all the information you’d like to share with them from the comfort of home.

3. Update your notice board

Check the notice board in your reception area to make sure everything pinned up is still up to date and relevant. Print off any interesting articles that you’ve found recently to display to visitors, as well as any important new information that parents should be aware of.

4. Ask parents to review their children’s details

Throughout the year, parents should be reviewing their child’s personal information to make sure all the details you hold are correct. Now is the perfect time to remind them to do this and if you use Abacus, parents can log onto a secure parent portal to view their child’s details from home.

5. Clean out your staff room

Has your staff room been looking a little tired and cluttered lately? Give it a new lease of life by tidying everything away neatly and throwing out anything you no longer need. You could even consider bringing in some bright new cushions and throws to liven up communal seating areas with a splash of vibrant colour.

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