Taking on an apprenticeship is an amazing opportunity for your child; however it can be daunting in the beginning when they’re trying to balance their course with their day to day role. So we’ve put together 7 tips to help you support your son or daughter to succeed:

1. Help them understand what is expected of them

Working in a new business can be daunting and for some, it’ll be their first experience of work. Explain to your child the responsibilities that come with a new role and how they’ll be expected to respect workplace rules and regulations, as well as deadlines.

2.Ensure they have enough time to do coursework

Attempt to reduce the amount of commitments your child has at home so that they have more spare time in the evenings to focus on their coursework. Although they might be getting trained on the job, they have to pass their course in order to gain the qualification. This requires dedication to study in the evening and at weekends.

3. Encourage them to form relationships with the people they work with

Not liking the people they work with can lead people to drop out of their apprenticeships. Encourage your child to form positive relationships with their line manager and colleagues to ensure they benefit from their apprenticeship as much as possible. Their colleagues will also be the best people to guide and advise your child about their chosen profession.

4. Help them to use Ecordia

Ecordia is the online platform Parenta use to track your child’s progress within their childcare apprenticeship. Your child must remember to check it regularly for updates or tasks. Click here to read our ‘Using Ecordia’ guide.

5. Make sure they ask their assessor lots of questions

Nothing is worse that your child having lots of questions about their course and being too scared to ask them! Your child can contact their assessor at any point via phone or email to ask them a question. If they’re stuck on part of their course, it might also be worth investing in a textbook to guide them – speak to their assessor to find out which one they need.

6. Ensure they’re taking care of their health

Feeling stressed about their course and work could make your child forget to look after themselves and their general health; ensure your child is taking regular breaks, eating healthily and unwinding every evening before bed.

7. Encourage them to make time to socialise

Although your child’s course is important, nothing is more important than their health and ensuring that they make time to go out and spend time with friends is crucial. They need time to enjoy the things they like so that they can apply themselves to their apprenticeship in the most beneficial way.

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