Red Hen Day Nursery, Legbourne, has been shortlisted for the ‘Health and Wellbeing’ award at the prestigious Nursery World Awards 2016.

As one of five nurseries shortlisted in this category, this is another notch in their long history of success at the Nursery World Awards, including being crowned ‘Nursery of the Year 2013’.

Director at the nursery, Lucy Cooper, has said; “Since then, we have been developing our nursery, researching and improving our general practice as well as our extensive outdoor area.

“With this in mind, the new Health and Wellbeing Award seemed to fit our ethos perfectly. The category aims to reward early years settings, services and projects that have worked to improve the physical health and emotional wellbeing of children, families and staff.

“At Red Hen, health and wellbeing is embedded in daily life.

“The children and staff benefit from lots of fresh air, outdoor play, good wholesome home-cooked food and a nurturing family atmosphere.

“The children are encouraged to grow holistically, using the wonderful natural environment, the passionate staff team as well as offering support to families wherever the need arises.”

One parent of the nursery commented;

“The commitment to each child’s wellbeing is heartfelt, starting from within – with food – and extending pretty much everywhere; be it the way that a bump is explained to me by staff who saw it happen, or the support given to parents in helping us help our children to get good sleep, or how the children are encouraged to find their own ways of dealing with challenges – sharing, separation, frustration, communication.

“Our daughter has benefited, in both body and spirit, and Red Hen has met our high expectations – and then shown us more.”

Winners will be announced on September 24.


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