Nyehome Nursery School in Wirral was closed suddenly amidst questions regarding staff eligibility to work with children who attend the setting.

Concerns were raised about the qualifications held by staff at the setting, at which point Ofsted is said to have carried out a spot check.

Ofsted will now carry out an investigation after the setting was closed on the spot by the watchdog. Parents were left stunned after being asked to collect their children straightaway, being told the nursery would remain closed for the time being whilst further investigations were carried out.

The nursery released a statement regarding the closure, stating that there were “administrative deficiencies” that are being addressed.

One parent has said: “Ofsted shut them down there and then, apparently after a complaint.

“The nursery was shut with immediate effect for a safeguarding issue.

“I just had to go and get my child immediately. It’s going to be a nightmare.”

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