There are 38 million active social media users in the UK. But did you know the way in which you interact when using these accounts could be affecting which jobs you do and don’t get interviewed for? Prospective employers are checking our social pages more and more, they provide them with an insight to our hobbies, our friends, our relationships and how we spend our free time. If you want to make sure your profiles aren’t the reason you’re constantly being knocked back when you’re applying for jobs, make sure you’re not making any of the following mistakes:

1. You’ve used Facebook and Twitter to rant about your current job

Everyone has experienced a job they didn’t like, but airing this across your social media can have a detrimental effect; potential employers won’t want to worry that you’ll be posting negative comments about them next.

Solution: Keep your opinions away from the internet and away from the eyes of hiring managers.

2. You use bad language in your status updates

If you’re looking for a job in childcare, swearing and vulgar comments are a no go. Employers will want to ensure that you can set a good example to the children you work with and these types of posts are not what they’re looking for in their ideal staff member.

Solution: Run through your history of retweets, shares, likes and posts and delete anything that might offend an employer looking through your profile.

3.There are inappropriate pictures and videos of you online

Drunken photos might look appealing to your friends as a cheerful reminder of an eventful evening, but potential employers could interpret them negatively. You want any photos and videos of you to reflect someone an employer can trust and respect.

Solution: Change your privacy settings to ‘review all’ on Facebook, which means you have to confirm anything before it appears on your profile. You can go through and untag yourself from any inappropriate photos and updates, too.

4.You’ve linked your personal and professional accounts

If you’ve linked your personal Facebook page to your LinkedIn, be prepared that employers will be going through your profile. LinkedIn is an easy way to present all your amazing work experience and qualities to potential employers, so don’t let them be put off by a completely diverse personal account.

Solution: If you want your personal life to remain that way, unlink your professional accounts. You should also consider making your personal profiles private if you don’t want anyone you don’t know looking at them.

5.You spend too much time on social media

Employers want to see well-rounded individuals, with hobbies and interests outside of the internet. If you’re posting something every couple of hours, employers might think you’re using your phone all day to browse social media as opposed to using your time productively.

Solution: Restrict yourself on how much you post every day, so it doesn’t come across that you’re spending all your time on social media.

If you follow these 5 simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to ensuring that social media doesn’t prevent you from landing your dream job in the future.

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