Making sure that your nursery website suits the needs of your target audience is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing the format of your pages. Everything from the quality of your images to the tone of voice you use in your written content impacts the impression parents have of your childcare setting, so it’s essential to make this a positive one.

Tip 1 – Parents-only area

Our website software offers you the option of having password-protected pages. This allows you to set up an area specifically for parents which contains information about schedules, upcoming events and could even include images. These pages will also ensure that parents are constantly coming back to your website to find out the latest information, which in turn boosts your search engine rankings.

Tip 2 – Online prospectus

Your prospectus should showcase all of your nursery’s features for parents to see. Having this in a prominent place on your website is essential and, for those that have had theirs professionally designed, this can also be added to your nursery website as a flip book – a format that is clear, professional and easy to browse through.

Tip 3 – Parent Portal

Parent Portal is an add-on to Abacus which allows parents to log in and see some of the records you hold about them and their child on your website, via a unique link. Parents can then access their child’s details such as allergies, dietary requirements, sessions, pending payments, invoices, account history and, if they’re linked to Dayshare, any emails exchanged. Having your Parent Portal link clearly labelled on your website allows parents to access it easily and encourages them to keep checking back to make sure their child’s details are up to date.

Tip 4 – Tone of voice

When writing your website content, emails, prospectus and any other text for your business, you should always have parents in mind. Your tone of voice should be considerate of your audience and the type of relationship you want to have with them. Ideally, for a nursery, this would be chatty and friendly, with an air of professionalism. The tone of voice you choose will determine how much your audience feels they can relate to what you’re writing and the extent to which they will want to interact with you.

Tip 5 – Clear images

Images are an essential part of a nursery website as they visually showcase what your nursery looks like and portray your values, even before parents read any of the written content. Any images used should be clear, well-sized and appropriate for the website. Your chosen images should also tie into the content on each page effortlessly.

Tip 6 – Staff profiles

Including good quality photos of your staff (as well as their names and titles) is one of the best elements to add to a nursery website in terms of generating parent interest. Visiting parents will be intrigued to know who the managers, key workers, apprentices etc of your nursery are, what they look like and what their names are so that they can easily recognise them upon visits. These profiles allow the parent to relate further to your childcare setting and can help them to visualise their child attending your nursery.

Simply tweaking these few things will help to ensure that your nursery website is tailored to the needs of your target audience of both existing parents and prospective ones, too.

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