A blog is an online page, usually connected to your website, which you regularly update with news, advice or information about childcare or about your setting. Blogs allow you to share knowledge and generate interest in a certain topic, which gives parents a good reason to keep returning to your website.

Having a blog benefits your childcare business in a variety of different ways, one being that you’ll increase your online exposure to parents. We’ve put together a further 6 reasons why you should start blogging today:

1. You'll showcase your passion for Early Years

Blogging allows you to connect with your target audience and share information about your nursery. Blogging also allows you to demonstrate your passion for childcare; parents will feel secure knowing you’re keeping up to date with current debates and topics in your sector and this will help you build a strong relationship with them. If you’re struggling for ideas to blog about, try googling ‘early years news’ or get more ideas here.

2. You’ll boost your search engine rankings

A blog allows you to update your nursery website regularly without reworking big chunks of content. If you include a variety of keywords in your blog such as ‘childcare business’ or ‘nursery in...’ and your location, you’ll improve your SEO (search engine optimisation). Regularly updating your blog and including keywords in your content will enable your nursery website to rank higher on search engines like Google. This means that parents will be able find your website more easily.

3. You’ll get more customers

When parents search online for a nursery close to them, they’ll be more likely to visit your website if it ranks above your competitors in the search engine results pages. Once they’ve found you, having a well-presented and functional nursery website will ensure parents don’t move on to a competitor’s site. It’s also been said that 60% of businesses who blog acquire more business than those who don’t, so content is key!

4. You’ll help parents find information

The content you write for your blog should reflect your business’ tone of voice, which should be both friendly and professional. Either way, every blog post you produce is an opportunity for you to draw your target audience to your nursery website with relevant information. If you’re writing for parents, be sure to generate posts based on topics that would interest them i.e. potty training or weaning, as these are things they’re likely to search for information about online.

5. You’ll generate more parent interaction

Each blog post you write should generate a response, whether this is a parent leaving a comment, a prospective parent enquiring about your nursery or simply gaining a new following of return visitors. Either way, you want your posts to achieve something, so make sure that it follows a clear idea and ends with a question, statement or a ‘call to action’ which prompts visitors to do something, such as booking a showround at your setting.

6. You’ll keep your readers up to date

Your blog posts could contain some relevant information about current affairs within the industry. This might be a post a week that covers anything that has gone on over the last 7 days, i.e. EYFS developments, new procedures, Ofsted reports, new staff, learning opportunities etc. Not only will this keep you and your readers up to date, it’ll also show parents that you’re a knowledgeable business and you take a real interest in what’s going on in your sector.

Starting a blog is the perfect opportunity to show parents that your setting is professional, knowledgeable and in touch with recent developments in childcare. All of these elements are desirable in a childcare provider, and will provide parents with reassurance that you’re doing your best to provide great care for their child.

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