Two years ago, Parenta employee Natalie decided to sponsor a child attending a Parenta Trust nursery school. Here, she explains what this decision means to her and what difference it makes to the life of the child she supports: 

I sponsor a 4-year-old girl in Uganda whose name is Juliet Nabaka.

Juliet attends Good Shepherd Nursery School and, from the letters she writes to me, I know that she likes drawing, playing with a skipping rope and has a friend called Brasiyo.

When she grows up, Juliet wants to be a nurse.

I’ve never met this little girl before, but her resilience astounds me. You see, Juliet hasn’t had the easiest start. She was born into a big family with 7 young siblings. Her life began in a household whose resources were already infinitely overstretched.

And what of her future? In Africa, society’s expectations of girls all too frequently see them sidelined into traditional domestic roles, including cooking, cleaning and raising children. This is reflected in the fact that 46% of girls in Uganda will be married by the age of 18 and most of these go on to have their first child by the age of 19.

By sponsoring a child, I’m giving something invaluable – the gift of an education.

The chance that Juliet can go on and follow her dreams, because she wishes to become a nurse and help other people.

The sponsorship I pay is just £17 a month to put this little girl through her pre-school education. And – let’s face it – what’s £17 to me? It’s a new top.  It’s a few drinks with friends on a Friday evening…nothing I can’t live without!

But to Juliet, my sponsorship means everything, because that money doesn’t only ensure that she has a basic education. It has far-reaching effects for her family, too.

Her school, Good Shepherd Nursery, is a focal point for her community where everyone can share a sense of pride that their children are receiving an education to make a better life for themselves and generations to come.

Because I’ve chosen to forego buying that top, or those drinks, Juliet receives a school uniform, Christmas gift, school supplies and a hot meal every day.

So, you see, sponsorship isn’t just a sum of money – it’s an absolute lifeline!

It shows Juliet that a complete stranger, living somewhere on a different continent, believes in her and her unlimited potential as a girl.

It’s my vote of confidence that she can become anything she wants to and that she can follow the direction of her dreams, whatever they may be.

How would you feel if someone living in a different part of the world reached out and effectively – through their actions – said to you, “I believe in you and am behind you 100% of the way”? Imagine the things you could go on to achieve with that kind of support!

That is one of the reasons I decided to sponsor a child and the reason you should consider it, too!

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