Ensuring that prospective parents can effortlessly locate your nursery online is essential. With internet usage growing all the time, you want to ensure that your business can be both found online and contacted without a hitch. Although you might not be able to control where you’re positioned in the search engine results pages, there are a few things you can do to optimise your setting’s search ranking:

  1. Bulk out your content with appropriate keywords

You don’t want to overdo it, but using keywords which are relevant to your business such as ‘childcare setting’ ‘nursery in Kent’ or ‘Ofsted approved setting’ can make a massive difference to how search engines find your web pages organically (this means without you having to pay). The more effectively you do this, the higher your business will appear in search engine results – making it easier for parents to find your nursery website.

  1. Make sure you’re listed on Google

Claim your business account on Google and Google + and ensure that all of your contact details are correct. Google automatically lists businesses down the right-hand side of search results when users make relevant search requests. Once claimed, you’ll be able to amend any mistakes in your listing address or contact details; making sure parents are always able to locate the right business.

  1. Check your details are consistent across online directories

There are many online business directories that can be used to provide contact information for your setting. You want to ensure that these are accurate and the same throughout; you can use the tool https://moz.com/local to see what details are listed for your business on directories like Yell or Thomson.  You can then amend any listings which are incorrect as you don’t want parents contacting the wrong number, email or being confused of your whereabouts.

  1. Clear branding

If your nursey has a clear logo and colour scheme, parents will be able to distinguish any posts, shares, products or pages that are related to your business with ease. Make sure that this branding is obvious on all your social media pages and your website, as well as ensuring that the two are linked simultaneously.

  1. Get customers to leave you reviews

Customer reviews are the surest way to create a positive buzz about your business from the get-go. Encourage parents to leave you a Google or Facebook review, as these are one of the first things prospective parents will look at when considering your nursery. The better your review rating is, the more likely parents will visit your website to find out more about you.

  1. Set up a blog

Blogs are an essential part of being found online; they allow you to generate lots of fresh content packed with keywords and terms which search engines then pick up on. Not only do the search engines put your website higher in Google as a result of this, but parents will also be more likely to look through your website if you have lots of relevant information about current affairs, your nursery’s activities and events etc.

By carrying out these 6 steps you’ll be able to secure the best possible position online for your nursery website, ensuring parents will be able to find and contact you effortlessly.

Would you like to improve your nursery website’s ranking on Google? Speak to our Digital Team about how we can help you enhance your online presence.


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