Sunbeams Day Nursery in Portland has been rated as ‘requires improvement’ in their recent Ofsted inspection.

The rating comes as a result of management failing to ensure there was a first aid trained member of staff working at all times, along with inaccuracies in the monitoring and assessment.

The report stated that they needed to improve in all 4 areas assessed by the education watchdog, including: ‘effectiveness of the leadership and management’; ‘quality of teaching’; ‘learning and assessment’ and ‘personal development, behaviour and welfare and outcomes for children’.

The report stated:

“The management team does not ensure that there is always a member of staff who has a paediatric first-aid qualification working directly with the children to help ensure any medical emergencies are dealt with effectively. This is also a breach in the requirements of the Childcare Register.

“Monitoring and assessment of children’s learning are not precise enough to help staff to quickly identify gaps in children’s learning or plan well for their individual learning needs. Children do not always make good enough progress.

“Arrangements for self-evaluation are not thorough enough to help the management team ensure it meets all requirements and makes continuous improvements.”

Jayne Urquhart-Sims, owner of the nursery, said in response to the inspection that all staff were trained in first aid. She stated that the setting’s certificate had run out in August and due to unforeseen circumstances, staff had been unable to attend a refresher course and the next possible chance was this month.

Ms Urquhart-Sims added that self-evaluation standards were lower than normal due to the inspection taking place over the holiday period.

The Ofsted report also praised some of the nursery’s strengths, stating: “Children are well behaved and have a clear understanding of the consistent boundaries and expectations that staff make clear to them. They respond well to the positive encouragement they receive from staff.”



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