Your childcare website is a key tool for attracting prospective parents and future business, so it’s important to ensure you’re using the right tools online in order to promote your setting and its fantastic achievements. Even if you’re pleased with the overall look and feel of your website, you could be missing out on simple but effective ways to boost your nursery’s great reputation. We’ve listed below some key ways that your website can promote your setting.

Reviews and testimonials

A positive review can go a long way for a business. Think of it like this - if there are two nurseries in the local area, one has 10/10 reviews and the other has 7/10, which one would you choose? By including all your positive reviews and testimonials on your website, you’re boosting your setting’s reputation. Ask your website provider if they can include a ‘widget’ or a live feed to link to online review websites such as www.daynurseries.co.uk.

Links to social media

Promote your business across multiple platforms. By adding links and live feeds to all your social media accounts on your website, parents will be able to easily access content that promotes your nursery. Whether it’s comments or positive tweets, you are actively encouraging more interaction with your setting.

Using your blog

By maintaining a regular, good quality blog you not only increase your websites search engine optimisation (how high you appear on Google) but you also reach out to wider audience. Top tip: make sure you use keywords on your blog that relate to your setting for an increased chance of appearing higher on search engines.

Accreditations and awards

If you’ve gained any nursery awards or accreditations, you should be proud to show these off on your website (the more the better!) Display the award or logo in your website footer so it appears on every page. Alternatively, you can dedicate a whole page to show off your well-deserved awards!

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