Considering what to do after school will be one of the most important choices your child makes, and is the first step on their journey to finding a career they’ll love. However, going to university or staying on for 6th form isn’t for everyone. Instead, if your child is eager to start getting hands-on experience of work, an apprenticeship may be more suited to them.

Here are 6 ways doing an apprenticeships can play to your child’s strengths:

1. Eagerness to learn

If your child soaks up new information like a sponge and is good at learning practical skills, then an apprenticeship will provide the perfect balance to keep them interested. Blending paid work with on-the-job learning, there’s never a dull moment! Your child will also be able to progress through different apprenticeship qualifications (typically starting at level 2, which equates to 5 GCSE passes) right up to degree level.

2. Has ambition

Employers want their apprentices to aim high in order to get the most of their experience. Your child has their foot in the door by starting an apprenticeship, so they can start to climb the career ladder at an early age. If they work hard and impress their employer, they may even land a permanent position straight after their training! In 2015, around two thirds of apprentices were still with their employer 12-18 months after finishing their apprenticeship.

3. Interested the industry

Apprenticeships can be completed in over 170 industries and 1,500 job roles. Whatever your child picks for their apprenticeship, it should be an industry they have a personal interest in and want to progress in. That way, it’s not just work and learning, but fun as well! Today, they could be starting work as a nursery assistant but in the future, they could progress on to a room leader or nursery manager role.

4. Has a have-a-go attitude

Doing an apprenticeship is very hand-on, so if your child likes to get stuck into real work and learn new skills, then they’d definitely benefit from doing this kind of training. Apprentices are never expected to know how to do something first time, so they’ll have a lot of support from experienced staff whilst they settle in. This makes apprenticeships an ideal option for school leavers.

5. Gets along easily with new people

Apprentices mix with a lot of people from all levels of the organisation during their training, from fellow apprentices right through to directors of the company. Not matter what their role, everyone is keen to help new apprentices find their feet in the organisation and teach them something new. This makes an apprenticeship the perfect environment for your child to gain confidence in their abilities and strengthen their people skills.

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