Nursery staff and parents are currently rallying to organise a fundraising dinner and auction to support Mason Sallis, who was born with a mixture of complex medical conditions.

Mason has Pierre Robin sequence, meaning he has a small lower jaw and large tongue causing him breathing difficulties. In addition to this, the youngster also has a cleft palate, rare skeletal disorder osteopathia striata with cranial sclerosis, and hydrocephalus, which is a build-up of fluid on the brain.

Despite all of this, he is a happy content little boy who loves playing with his friends at the nursery he attends, The Children’s Garden nursery, located in Stamford.

Mason’s mum, Laura, said when speaking of her son: “Soon after Mason was born he had to have a tracheostomy because he was struggling to breathe normally.

“This means there are a lot of things he can’t do currently – like go swimming – and his cleft palate makes eating and speaking difficult.

“But he is a happy child despite all of this. He has been going to nursery for around a year and it has really boosted his confidence.

“He loves playing with his friends there and the staff are great and very understanding and accommodating.”

In order to support Mason, staff and other parents at The Children’s Garden nursery are planning a fundraising event at The William Cecil in Stamford. All proceeds will be put towards buying Mason a supportive chair to use at the nursery and a trike for him to have at home, where he lives with mum Laura, dad Tony and brothers Alfie and Teddy.

They are also hoping to be able to pick up some sensory equipment for all children at the nursery to enjoy.

Mum Laura went on to say: “Organising the event is a really lovely gesture from staff and fellow parents.”

Mason has already had surgery on his cleft palate, and his parents are hoping further surgeries will be successful, and that at some point they can remove the tracheostomy tube.

It is hoped the dinner and auction will raise around £4,000 on the night, and the organisers are ringing round local businesses asking them to donate auction and raffle prizes.

If you would like to donate a prize, call nursery owners Claire and Ed Kenyon on 01780 752094.



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