Suzi Presland is one of 7 people going to visit Uganda with the Parenta Trust, along with her husband Dave. She’ll be leaving on 5th November and, as part of the excursion, will be visiting Parenta Trust schools and meeting her sponsored child. Here, we find out how she’s been preparing:

What will you be taking with you?

We’re going to be taking clothes and school equipment, as well as lots of pairs of shoes! I put out a Facebook plea to parents and friends to donate pre-loved, good quality school shoes for the children. I keep getting handed shoes on the school run as well as coming home to find shoes on my doorstep!  I’ve collected 119 pairs of school shoes in the space of 5 weeks, which myself and my daughters have now finished polishing and matching up.

Suzi Presland and her daughters have been polishing school shoes to take to children in Uganda

How long have you sponsored a child with the Parenta Trust for?

We’ve sponsored our little girl, Gift, for about 20 months now and we’ve loved receiving letters and photos from her. She is 6 years old and attends Good Shepherd Nursery School, which is north of Kampala. We’re so excited about meeting her for the first time when we fly out next month!

Why did you decide to sponsor a child?

We attended a Parenta Trust charity ball two years ago and we were completely moved by the stories told about the children.

I’m a school teacher myself, so having the incredible opportunity to support the education of children in Uganda as well as those in the UK was one of the main reasons I decided to become a sponsor.

I’m also a mother to 2 girls – one of whom is about the same age as my sponsored child – so it’s a wonderful chance for them to find out more about the world and have that connection with someone who lives on a different continent.

As a recently qualified Thrive Practitioner, the mental health and wellbeing of children is of real importance to me. When I visit Uganda, I’d really like to find out what the differences are between children here in the UK and youngsters living out there. So, for me, I have both personal and professional reasons for becoming a sponsor.

What does the trip entail and what are you most excited about?

As part of our trip, we’re going to be visiting three Parenta Trust schools in Uganda: Good Shepherd Nursery School, Opilitok Nursery School and the newly built Kiti Parents Nursery. We’re also going to be taken to see a fresh water drilling site near North Kampala.

We’re most excited about meeting our sponsored girl, Gift, for the very first time and giving her some presents. It’s going to be a wonderful experience!

If you’d like to support the Parenta Trust or find out more about visiting the schools we’ve built in Uganda, please get in touch!

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