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On November 5, a team of 7 people representing the Parenta Trust will fly to Uganda to officially unveil two new pre-schools for orphaned and disadvantaged children.

The two new sites – located in Wakiso and Kasese – are the latest additions to the charity’s portfolio of school buildings. Once completed, they will be able to provide nursery education for around 300 youngsters.

Each school will house a block of latrines for sanitation and a rainwater collection system, as well as the classrooms themselves. The schools will provide employment for a team of teachers and support staff, as well as reducing the dropout rate of children who currently have to walk long distances to attend school.

The charity was created just 3 years ago and is currently exceeding its initial target to build one school per year in Uganda.

As part of the Parenta Trust school building programme, the charity is also trying to find a sponsor for each child. This helps with the cost of providing 1 meal per day of stew, a school uniform, school supplies and presents to the children at Christmas.

One member of the team, Suzi, has asked friends and fellow parents for donations of good school shoes to take out to Uganda, and has managed to collect 119 pairs in just 5 weeks.

Trustee Amanda Presland, who will be flying out with the group, said:

“The most rewarding thing about being involved in the Trust is being able to go to Uganda and meet the children whose lives we’ve helped transform with our schools. I feel like it’s such a privilege.

“We’ll be opening 2 new schools, one of which will be dedicated to the memory of my mum. It’s going to be such a wonderful experience and I’m really excited.”

If you would like to help open new schools in Uganda or pledge your support in another way, please visit Parenta Trust.

Notes to editors:

Parenta Trust is the charitable arm of the Parenta Group of Companies. Charity number 115 3051

To find out more about Parenta Trust, its charitable events, or sponsoring a child within a Parenta Trust school, please visit Parenta Trust.


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