Little Colliers Neighbourhood Nursery in Halesowen has been rated as ‘inadequate’ in a recent inspection, with special measures being put in place.

Following the inspection, the report stated: “Staff do not have a good understanding of how to identify and minimise all possible risks to children within the environment. They do not consistently keep children safe.”

The nursery, located in the West Midlands, caters for 139 children aged 2-4 and has 25 staff members.

Receiving a ‘good’ at their last inspection in 2012, they have seen their rating drop, with a number of concerns being raised including the provision of medicine to children.

Ofsted inspector Josephine Heath said: “Although, verbal permission for the administration of medication is always sought, prior written permission is not. This is in particular regard to some pain relief medication that is provided by the nursery.”

The report continued to highlight:

“Staff are unable to demonstrate how they identify and ensure that all possible risks are well managed within the setting.

“For example, in the pre-school when the floor becomes wet from children playing with water, staff do not act promptly to clear this up.

“Furthermore, they fail to talk to children about the danger and only act to rectify the situation once a child has slipped over.”

Concerns were also raised regarding the level of support children with special needs and disabilities received. The inspector stated:

“Children who have special educational needs and disabilities do not always benefit from the targeted help they need in their learning.

“This means, sometimes, children struggle to join in with activities or to become fully absorbed in what they are doing.”

Despite the areas highlighted for improvement, the report also praised the setting for being ‘kind, caring and friendly’, stating that the children ‘settle quickly and are happy attending’.

It continued to highlight the successes of staff in getting to know the children, noting that this was a key success for the nursery.

The inspector noted: “They routinely observe and assess children’s development. Generally, staff interact positively with children.”

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