Brownlow Fold School’s nursery has been reopened after extensive refurbishment to expand the setting, turning it into a 21st century learning centre for the tots who attend.

Of the huge investment made to bring the setting up to date, executive principal Ian Southern said:

“The nursery has had a substantial amount invested in it — tens of thousands of pounds.

“The school has had a nursery for several years, and it was felt it needed a refurbishment and we have got something really fantastic.

“We held an officially opening because we wanted everyone to know that we have this facility for children and how fantastic it is for children two-years-old and upwards.”

The refurbishment was funded by the school and Bolton Council, with work starting just before the end of the last academic term. Builders worked hard over the holidays to get the project finished.

The new, larger nursery now includes a purpose-built wet space, an area for 2-year-olds and another area specifically for activities. As well as this, they have improved the outdoor space and plan to add to this in the future.

Mr Southern added: “The children love the nursery and over the moon with the new facilities and the parents also think the nursery is of a high standard and wonderful for their children.

“Our priority was the indoor area and we will be making more improvements to the outdoor area, although work was carried out to improve the grounds.

“It is great that the local authority has invested in the school nursery along with the school.”

The setting will continue to support children in their learning, enabling a smooth transition from nursery to primary school.

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