Chances are, you didn’t get into childcare to do paperwork. However, some nurseries are still heavily reliant on paper-based administration to manage their data. As the number of children in your setting grows – so does the number of files, and the time it takes to manage them all.

If you’re used to this way of working, it’s difficult to know exactly where to start when it comes to moving away from paper. Here are 5 really good reasons to make that move today!

1.Get back to providing great childcare

All those minutes spent updating different systems and folders soon add up, until you’ve spent many hours each month carrying out tasks which could have been completed at a few clicks of a button.

Good nursery software will limit the time you spend on administration, by reducing the number of steps it takes to carry out something like changing a booking pattern. When you update one part of the system, all the other areas will automatically update as part of the process, too.

2.Keep all your data secure

Paper documents are not nearly as secure as you’d think. They can be lost, stolen or even have a cup of coffee spilt over them! If the very worst was to happen, such as your nursery being flooded, toys can be replaced. However, the data you’ve worked hard to build up about children and their families over the years can be lost forever.

Using nursery software means that all your data can be stored online and securely accessed by you, even if your computer is damaged or stolen. Secure nursery management software is built on platforms similar to online banking and you’ll even be able to lock down certain areas so they’re only visible to selected members of staff.

3.Do your bit for the environment

Think of all the invoices, records and letters you’ll no longer need to print on paper! Not only will this be money-saving for your business, it’s good for the environment too.

Although the primary concern for any parent is the quality of childcare they’ll receive, green credentials may provide your nursery with an edge over your competitors. Plus – you’ll be able to improve the working environment for staff as you can clear shelves and reduce the number of filing cabinets in your office.

4. Strengthen your partnership with parents

Nursery software should do more than just make your life easier, it should actively improve the service you give to parents. To start with, your system should be delivering professional-looking invoices and enable you to send letters to any group of parents you need. There should be a choice of printing these, or sending them by email, based on each parent’s preferences.

Many systems can also be linked to a secure online parent portal, enabling them to see a read-only version of their child’s data. This means that parents can check all the important information related to their child (like contact details, allergies and medication) is correct.

5.Save money for your setting

On the face of it, investing in nursery software seems like a more expensive option than staying with paper-based administration. Most systems require an initial set up fee, as well as a subscription fee.

Successful cash flow is the key to running a thriving nursery, and this is where the investment in a quality nursery software really starts to pay off. By simply capturing everything that’s being delivered, and billing it accurately, many settings report a 5-7% increase in turnover. Add to this a comprehensive debt tracking solution and the savings really start to pile up!

But the real benefit of using nursery software is the gift of time. Spending just one day a week on administration equates to well over 2 months of the year wasted on non-productive activities…just think what you could achieve by having all those extra hours back!

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