An online training programme has been launched to help childminders support the care of children with SEND, looked-after children and those vulnerable to poor outcomes.

The ‘Childminder Professional Development Programme’ is designed to help childminders support every child to reach their full potential by building strong partnerships with parents and other carers, as well as by meeting their individual needs.

The programme has been developed by the charity Achievement for All in partnership with PACEY. It consists of interactive modules with video footage and real practice examples that childminders can work through in their own time.

It is the first training of its kind which is specifically aimed at childminders by Achievement for All, rather than settings and schools.

As part of the programme, childminders get 10 hours of online learning time, whilst the extension material supports up to 40 additional hours. This is designed to provide childminders with a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

The first module is called ‘Parents in Partnership’ and looks at how to communicate with parents to build a child-centred partnership around learning and development.

The second module – Working in Wider Child-Centred Partnerships – focuses on SEND reforms and partnership working, identifying and supporting children with additional needs and preparing children for transitions.

Training and development manager at PACEY, Theresa Johnson, said: “The training and support that local authorities used to provide childminders simply isn’t as extensive as it was, and the onus is now on them to identify and fund training for themselves. In recent years, childminders have also had to face new challenges, such as adapting to the new systems of support for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

“Our partnership with Achievement for All is designed to provide flexible, affordable support and training, while giving childminders the tools to make real changes in their provision. This new programme will have a positive impact for every child and enable childminders to further support children with SEND.”

Maureen Hunt, early years programme lead at Achievement for All, said: “Childminders often have to undertake CPD in the evenings and weekends as they cannot access training during the day. This programme is flexible and designed to fit in around their requirements.

“Through this unique partnership with PACEY, we hope to make our programme available to thousands of childminders, providing support and professional development opportunities to address the needs of the most vulnerable children.”

To find out more and register for the ‘Childminder Professional Development Programme’, which is only available in England, click here

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