Orchid Montessori Nursery School are celebrating the outcome of their recent Ofsted inspection, having achieved ‘outstanding’ in all areas.

The inspection took place at the Romford nursery, which caters for 46 children, last month.

In her report, Ofsted inspector Christine Lamey praised the setting for its partnership with parents and described it as ‘excellent’. Ms Lamey said:

“Staff are committed to maintaining a very effective flow of information with parents and other family members. They keep them fully informed about their children’s learning and progress.”

She added: “Parents are highly involved, for example, they regularly volunteer to read and cook with the children.”

The report also praised the nursery school’s quality of teaching, learning and assessment:

“The well-qualified and ambitious staff team supports the children extremely well to select activities and resources that really stretch and challenge them.”

Ms Lamey recognised that staff provided ‘excellent examples’ of how to treat others and that the children ‘consistently demonstrate excellent behaviour and respect for each other’ at the setting.

Nursery manager Pamela Gupta said of the inspection result: “We are very proud of our achievement for getting Ofsted  ‘outstanding’, I am continuously striving to improve in all areas of the children’s learning and development and management of the nursery.

“I am very critical in the way things are carried out and I set very high standards for myself and the team. I share my vision leading the team in achieving goals by maintaining the quality and standards at all times and the true integration of the Montessori ethos into the EYFS delivers the outstanding result.”

Congratulations Orchid Montessori Nursery School!

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