According to a survey by Hubspot of over 1000 global internet users, people have drastically increased their content consumption on social media in the last 2 years. The three most popular networks have all seen significant rises – Facebook (57%), Twitter (25%) and LinkedIn (21%). And it seems that video is fast becoming one of the most important methods of distributing information.

Hubspot’s research found that over half (55%) of users say they watch an entire video, compared to 29% for blogs and 33% for interactive articles. So, if you want your nursery to be seen by your online audience, video is one of the most effective ways to reach them! Here are some suggestions to help you harness the power of video in your nursery’s marketing:

  • Rather than writing a blog for your nursery website, consider filming a short video to post online. You could discuss any number of things - from ideas on how to keep children entertained over the holidays to advice on how to manage fussy eaters.
  • Instead of only having pictures of your setting on your website, consider posting a virtual “walkthrough” so parents can see your rooms and facilities before they book a showround in person.
  • Why not introduce the setting manager and the other key staff you have at your nursery with a video? You can discuss each staff member's qualifications, experience and what they enjoy most about working in childcare.
  • Settling new children into your nursery and having them transition to school can be an anxious time for families. You could dedicate a section of your nursery website and explain – using video - how you manage these situations to make the experience less traumatic for children (and, of course, parents!)

Video is a very personable way of communicating information to people who are interested in your nursery. Once you’ve got the hang of posting short videos online and sharing them on your social media pages, you’ll find it’s an easy way to increase your engagement with parents and build up your following online.

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