When writing a job advert, you should always think about what your ideal applicant might want out of the role. It helps to remember that an effective job ad is not just a description of the job – it’s a carefully crafted message with the aim of attracting high quality candidates. No matter what position you’re advertising for, here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Pick an appealing job title

You want the title of the job to be something that is both searchable and very clear. In no way do you want to deceive or mislead the reader – this will waste time on both sides. If you’re not sure what the best job title to pick is, do a search of online job vacancies to see what the most common job title is for the role you’re advertising for.

  1. Appeal to your audience

Imagine your ideal applicant. Now, imagine what they might want from their ‘ideal’ job. Show them through your advert that your company will value them as a team member and the skills they have to offer. Think of candidates in the same way as you would customers; you need to write persuasively and “sell” what you have to offer them as an employer.

  1. Use ‘you’ to talk to the reader

When creating your job advert, avoid writing in the third person (“The successful applicant will…”) as this is both too formal and will make the reader question whether they’re suitable. It’s much better to use second person (“In this role, you will be expected to…”) so they can imagine themselves doing the role already. It’s also much more direct and personal to address the reader as ‘you’.

  1. Keep it structured

Your ad needs to be a healthy mix between what the company wants from the applicant and what your business can offer them. Below is a structure to help you keep the information clear and easy to scan through:

  • Short introduction about the job (not the company)
  • Main responsibilities (3 – 7 tasks included in the role)
  • Person specification (skills and qualities that are essential and desired)
  • Benefits (discounts, sick pay, teas and coffee etc.)
  • About the company (keep this short and include the sector the business operates in)
  • Next steps (what the applicant should do next if they’re interested in the role)

If you’ve followed all of the steps listed above, then you’ll have yourself a successful job advert that should drive the right applicants to apply for the role – ensuring you find the perfect fit. Good luck!

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