The first few weeks back after the Christmas break can be hard for many. With new targets to achieve and sometimes new staff members to integrate into the team, it can be difficult for staff to stay motivated. So, here are some top tips to help ensure your employees stay on the right track during 2017.

Start on the same page

Gather everyone together for a team meeting so that no-one is unclear on what the forthcoming priorities and targets are over the coming months. If everyone starts the year on the same page, then it gives all staff clarity on what’s expected of both their team and also other teams within the business.

Provide new incentives

Introducing new and exciting incentives for performance, especially if they’ve never been tried before, can be a great way to fire up employees. If the incentives are both desirable and attainable, then staff won’t be complacent in their performance and will be motivated to go the extra mile.

Find out what frustrates your team

Often, it’s not until a person hands in their resignation letter and has a follow-up interview that employers find out what’s driven them away. Scheduling in regular one-to-one catch ups with staff where they feel they can voice any frustrations they’re having means something can be done to ensure these issues are addressed early on.

Offer autonomy to staff

Employees appreciate the freedom that autonomy gives them, so where possible in your business extend this to them. This could be by creating decision-making opportunities, such as letting staff choose their own objectives or projects. In return, employees will feel trusted and be more motivated in their work.

Implementing these tips from the very beginning of the year gives you a great platform to build on. If your staff members are more motivated, they’ll be more productive, happier, and less likely to want to leave your business. So, it’s win-win all round!

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