A popular not-for-profit nursery based at the Leverhulme centre in Breightmet is set to close its doors on 17 February. The managing director of Little Ozzies 2, Mrs Franks, said that they had to make the decision due to the changes in the way child care centres now operate.

Mrs Franks stated how “The closure has been devastating for everyone. It was opened in November 2014 as a not for profit nursery for children in the community so they had access to high-quality day care and were ready to make the transition into primary school. We rely on referrals from the centre, but many services are now moving to other locations. The changing face of the centre means that we can no longer stay open.”

The staff at Little Ozzies 2 have said they have worked to try and find a solution, but have not been able to find one, which is leading the nursery to close.

The children at Little Ozzies 2 will be transferred to Little Ozzies based at SS Osmund and Andrew’s RC Primary school in Breightmet, where they will have places until September.

Bolton Council Spokesperson has said “We are sorry to hear the nursery is leaving Leverhulme Centre as it is an important link site and will continue to provide services for children and families based on local need. The Family Information Service will work with parents to find alternative provision.”


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