Social media is fast becoming an essential part of running a successful business and your brand (big or small) needs to ensure that it has a prominent and positive presence online. To achieve this, you’ll need to create a page for your business using one or more of the top-performing social media platforms, i.e. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Once you’ve created your page, you’ll also need to ensure you’re reaching your full target audience. Make sure you’re doing it right, by following these top tips:

  1. Reply to your followers

Don’t underestimate the importance of interaction. People love being tweeted or replied to via social media by the companies that interest them. Every time some mentions, replies to or comments on one of your posts you should reply and try to start a conversation. If you don’t have time to manage this aspect of social media, you should look at hiring someone specifically to look after your pages in this way. Missed comments could be missed leads and no business can afford that!

  1. Use pictures

The more visual, the better. You want to catch the eye of those taking a quick glimpse of their social media timelines and images are the best way to attract their attention. In fact, research has shown that 39% more people engage with posts that contain pictures on Facebook compared to those which don’t. You can also put together eye-catching infographics (information graphics) to display small chunks of information and direct people to your business website.  Free tools such as Easel.ly are a great way to get you started on making your own infographics.

  1. Pin important posts or announcements

Got an upcoming event or product release? Pin your latest post about it to the top of your profile, using the options button, to ensure prime viewing! (For Facebook and Twitter users this appears in the top right-hand corner of your post). Make this post eye-catching by including dates, pictures and a link to give the visitor something to interact with or share. Try to keep this post updated even if it means reposting the same event, as old posts can be deemed ‘stale’ and less interesting by your visitors. You could also keep this section fresh by doing regular competitions to involve your followers and encourage likes/shares.

  1. Schedule your posts

You won’t always have the time to schedule 2 posts every day, so set aside an hour a week (or two hours every other week) to sit down and plan out all your social media posts for the upcoming days. You can use a scheduling tool such as Buffer to put these all into a calendar at optimal times to save you both the time and worry during your busy periods. Buffer will also give you feedback on how well your post did and will give you the option to re-post it for another day, too.

Being social media savvy is a key ingredient to expanding your business’s online presence and making yourself available to your target audience. It provides you with the perfect tool to increase your occupancy and keep up with parents – and it’s free!

Need help setting up your social media profile or want more advice about how you could use it to benefit your business? Speak to a member of our digital team today!

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