There are lots of opinions surrounding apprenticeships and it can be difficult to separate these from the facts. Apprenticeships aren’t right for everyone, but for some, they’re the perfect balance between work and learning which allow them to get on the career ladder. There are also a few other perks to being an apprentice that you might’ve missed!

  1. You could get discounted travel

If you’re a London apprentice and worrying about how much commuting back and forth will cost you, then you could be in luck! If you’re 18 and over, live in a London borough and you’re in the first 12 months of your apprenticeship then you could save 30% on your travel expenses. Find out more about this offer and how you could apply here.

  1. You’re an asset to the business

The skills you learn during your course are beneficial to your employer, especially because they’re tailoring your skillset to their business’s needs and teaching you how to conduct yourself in their environment. On average, an apprentice increases business productivity by £214 a week, allowing them to keep the company growing whilst keeping staff costs down.

  1. You may get paid more than minimum wage

Not all apprenticeships come with £3.40 an hour wage (if you’re 19 and under and in the first year of your apprenticeship). Lots of employers actually pay their apprentices more to keep morale high and ensure their loyalty; on average an apprentice is paid £257 a week!

  1. You’re likely to have a permanent job at the end of it

Employers have invested time and training into your progression and most of the time they don’t want to lose good apprentices. In fact, 71% of apprentices are kept on by the same company after they’ve finished their course and 19% even progress onto higher courses afterward!

  1. You’ll be part of the team

Being an apprentice doesn’t isolate you from those that you work with - quite the opposite is true! You’ll be involved in many of the things they do and are likely to build great working relationships with your teammates. Over 80% of employers even said that their apprentices made the workplace more productive and helped to boost morale!

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