When you first got into childcare, did you realise just how much paperwork would be involved? For nursery managers, the number one priority is always to ensure that the children are safe and secure. However, finding ways to keep on top of the never-ending paperwork for Ofsted can present its own unique set of challenges.

With a to-do list that seems to be forever expanding, and less time to get it all done, we decided to explore 7 ways to make your childcare business more effective.

1.Let your team share the workload

Train your team to take on other responsibilities so it takes the pressure off you having to do everything. For example, you could train staff to answer the phone or even show new parents round the setting. Not only will this give you more time to prioritise important tasks, but this will help your team’s own confidence, too.

2.Find out where technology can fill the gaps

Digital learning journeys are a great way for practitioners to reduce the amount of time they’d normally spend outside the room cutting, sticking and pasting into books. By linking photos and observations back to the EYFS curriculum on a tablet or Ipad, it’s a great way to save precious minutes and hours in the week.

3.Communicate via emails
Rather than taking the time to print things like newsletters and invoices, why not make them available to parents on email? This will not only save your setting time and money, but it also increases the likelihood that they won’t be lost/lying forgotten at the bottom of a school bag.

4.Use a Parent Portal

Parent Portals are a great way to give parents a window into their child’s learning and also as a means of checking important information is up to date. As this information can be accessed whilst your setting is closed and whilst parents are on the go, it’s an ideal way of strengthening your partnership with them.

5.Find an effective way of sharing information

With so much going on at a busy setting, it can be easy for information not to be cascaded down to staff and for them to be left in the lurch unintentionally regarding important changes. Whether it’s to organise a staff meeting once per month or sharing information with your room leaders to pass on, find an effective way to keep everyone up to date.

6.Use nursery management software

Once up and running, nursery software can automate a lot of the processes which take up precious hours during your week and weekends. Putting together staff rotas, weekly registers and invoicing parents can all be carried out at a few clicks of a button.

7.Stop chasing late fees
Chasing parents for fees is time-consuming and can overshadow the relationship you’ve worked hard to build. Putting in place an automated fee payment system takes away a lot of the stress associated with chasing late fees, as parents can automatically pay their child’s fees using Direct Debit.

Juggling the day-to-day running of a nursery is incredibly challenging, so finding clever ways to become more effective with the time you have is so important. Follow our tips, and you’ll be able to focus on the most important aspect of running a childcare setting – providing good quality childcare.

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