The Parenta Trust Rally is one of the main events in the charity’s fundraising calendar. Bringing together teams in cars, it begins in Kent and sees drivers take on various challenges as they drive through Europe over 5 days. Need any more encouragement to take part? Here are 5 great reasons below!

1.You’ll be helping a worthwhile cause

The first and arguably the most important reason: all the money raised as part of the rally goes towards building pre-schools in Africa. The Trust has so far built 4 schools in the past 3 years, offering an education for 800 children living in poverty. This year, the charity will be constructing its fifth nursery in Uganda.

2.You’ll have an unforgettable experience

As part of the journey, you’ll get to drive on the legendary Furka Pass (as featured in James Bond’s Goldfinger), the Grand St Bernard pass (from The Italian Job), and the Route Napoleon (as featured in James Bond’s Quantum of Solace). You’ll also be nipping through 8 countries en route, spending the final evening in Monaco to celebrate the journey’s end.

3.You’ll make new friends 

This is a rally rather than a race, so all the teams more or less travel together. Every evening, you’ll be pitching tents in campsites and hopefully getting to know your fellow drivers. People of all ages and walks of life take part in the Parenta Trust rally, so you never know who you’ll find yourself talking to over the camp fire!

4.You’ll have a laugh with your team

Is there any better excuse for a bonding experience then going on a road trip? The only limit to the number of people on your team is how many your car can legally carry! So grab your nearest and dearest, buckle up, and prepare for a laugh as you tackle the journey together.

5.You can get creative with your car

The aim of the rally is to drive a car worth no more than £350 across 2,000 miles of Europe’s best roads and then get it back to the UK. To add to the fun, a theme is set to inspire participants and teams can interpret this however they wish. By taking part, you can get creative and decorate your car in a way which best expresses your team’s personality. So what are you waiting for?

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