Fledgelings Nursery at Grove Green Community Hall, Maidstone, was devastated to discover that their garden had been raided and toys stolen one morning last week.

With 3 ride-on trikes being swiped, children, staff and parents are all disappointed having spent over 2 years fundraising to revamp the outdoor facilities and equipment provided.

Karen Plaw, supervisor at the setting, has said: “We are very disappointed that someone thought it was ok to just help themselves to our ride-on cars and we are now left wondering if it’s worth spending money on our garden if all our efforts will be ruined.

“The children were so upset and it was difficult to try and explain where their toys had gone.”

Unfortunately, the setting has been targeted previously and they are now looking through CCTV in the hope it will help find the culprits.

Sarah Coleman, Deputy Manager of Fledgelings, said: “We have had a few bits go missing in the past but because of all our work to improve the garden, and because these toys were generous donations, it is all the more disappointing.

“It feels like we are doing all we can to provide a nice outdoor space as we use it as part of our curriculum so it is upsetting when someone comes in and just takes things.

“We are just hoping whoever took them doesn’t come back.”


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