With the sector as a whole facing huge financial pressure at the moment, childcare settings need to be more efficient than ever with the way they run.  This year, the introduction of statutory pensions, annual increases in National Living / Minimum Wages and the rollout of the 30-hour offer are just some of the issues child carers must contend with. So, could nursery software help your setting become more resourceful with its money management? We explore this below.

1.Never lose track of ad hoc sessions

When parents book ad hoc sessions at your nursery, it can be easy to lose track and sometimes parents can fail to be invoiced for the additional amount. Not only does Abacus make session booking hassle-free (as you can see how many spaces are available for each room, week by week) but these additional sessions will be added to the invoices you send out. So, you’ll never miss a trick!

2.Keep an eye on late payments

Abacus will allow you to see a detailed breakdown of payments, credits and late penalties on every parent’s account. And, with the introduction of our new Parent Portal app, this information will be provided to parents and carers so they can keep track of any payments they’ve made and any amount outstanding, too.

3.Cut down your man hours

Invoicing parents can be a lengthy and time-consuming process, which takes precious hours away from other important tasks at your nursery.  Using Abacus, this should take you no longer than 5 minutes. So, rather than spending your setting’s man hours on invoicing admin, you can have it all done at a few clicks of a button!

4.Reduce costly staffing errors

To reduce the chances of avoidable staffing issues occurring, Abacus will calculate room ratios for you and cleverly works around planned staff holidays. This software also automates room movements and allows you to easily schedule room visits.  When you have staff ratios to maintain and no margin for error, Abacus will do all the hard work for you.

5.Plan for your financial future

Abacus has a comprehensive set of 90 reports covering finance, occupancy, enquiries and much more.  These reports will give you a detailed insight into all areas of your setting, so when you need to make important decisions for your business you’ll always have the information at your fingertips.

There’s no doubt that getting good nursery management software in place can reduce your man hours and help you keep an eye on the financial health of your setting. With so many software providers on the market, don’t rush your decision and make sure your chosen software delivers everything you need it to before you commit to buying.

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