Content marketing means creating and sharing valuable content with the people you’re trying to reach as customers. Even if you’re a small business, this kind of marketing helps drive traffic to your website and will help you compete with much bigger rival businesses.

Publishing articles on your website and sharing posts on social media are just two examples of content marketing. You must remember, however, that any content you create and distribute must cater for your audience’s main interests, problems and concerns.

Here, we explore 6 ways content marketing can help promote your setting:

1.It will drive new parents to your website

When parents have a problem or need, they’ll often turn to Google to find the answer. For example, they may search ‘how to manage a fussy eater’ or ‘establishing a good sleep routine’. Providing a solution in the form of a video or article which matches their query will help direct these parents to your nursery website.

2.It puts your name out there

Creating and publishing content regularly puts your nursery’s name in front of the people you’d like to reach. If you give parents plenty of opportunity to see this, they’ll become more familiar with your brand and are more likely to use your services.

3.It will establish your professionalism

The more relevant content you create for parents, the more you position yourself as an authority in your industry. This can make you stand out against any competitors who aren’t producing blogs and sharing useful information and advice with their audience.

4.It provides a talking point

Publishing interesting and engaging content on your social media pages gives you the opportunity to reach out and interact with parents. Whether it be comments or questions on the blog you’ve just published, or even a request for further information, content marketing is unique in its ability to drive this kind of engagement.

5.It will help increase occupancy

The more people you can drive to your website by publishing good quality content, the more likely you are to be able to generate showround enquiries. According to marketing intelligence expert InsideView, companies with an active blog generate 67% more leads per month.

6.It’s cost-effective marketing

Content marketing costs 62% less and generates roughly three times as many leads as traditional marketing, according to marketing research firm Demand Metric. So, especially for smaller businesses, publishing content on social media and via a nursery website is a cost-effective way to promote their business brand.

Content marketing has numerous benefits for your childcare business. It can help you increase your revenue by producing more leads, but also enables you to demonstrate your professionalism through the sharing of knowledge. Remember, when you’re trying to market your setting to parents and increase occupancy, content is king!

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