Tiny Town Kindergarten’s staff and children have been celebrating their Ofsted ‘outstanding’ rating, which was published in a report on 10th March.

The managers of the nursery, Sarah Cole and Hannah Lucas, said they were proud of the report and the improvement of the ‘good’ they were given in 2014.

They said: “To achieve an outstanding from Ofsted, you need to have dedicated staff with a shared vision and to have families who trust and respect what you are aiming to achieve.

“We are lucky to have that combination and to have such enthusiastic children with us.

“Thank you to the staff, parents and children who help make Tiny Town outstanding.”

The inspector said the nursery manager was clearly focused on making sure the quality of teaching across the team was being raised. It was also said that the children who attend the nursery made rapid progress in their learning, especially in areas where they were slow to start.

The inspection took place on the 21st February. Safe guarding and risk assessments records were looked over and procedures relating to the children’s welfare were discussed with managers.

Ofsted found that the staff were all well trained in child protection issues, and were confident in how to address any concerns regarding a child’s welfare. It was also noted that experienced staff provided children with praise when they behaved positively.

The report highlighted how “children quickly understand what is expected of them and learn to share, co-operate and to be kind to each other.”

Inspectors also listened and talked to the children, and their records were looked at. They also discussed staff planning, as well as how the nursery evaluates and exchanges this information with parents.

Older children were seen to be confident and were proud to take on new responsibilities; they also knew how to effectively work as a team. The report stated that the children displayed good manners, excellent personal hygiene and were inquisitive to learn and explore their surroundings.

To improve the nursery further, they were advised to enhance the outdoor area for those children who preferred to be active outdoors. The nursery has seven members of staff and is open every weekday throughout the year from 7:30am to 6pm.

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