Getting word of your business ‘out there’ can be tricky, especially if you’re just starting out or opening a new setting. The following ideas can help you to advertise your nursery in ways that we have found particularly effective and…they’re free!

Make sure your business is listed on Google

One of the most crucial things to do once your business is up and running is to add it to Google. Not only will this help your name appear in search engine results, but it will also give Google the exact location of your childcare setting so that parents can find you easily. You can list your business here.

Have a Facebook page

Creating a business page on Facebook is free - although they do offer paid advertising as an extra feature to your posts. Facebook also allows you to directly target your audience and ensure your nursery is appearing on their newsfeeds. With over 36 million active users across the UK, Facebook is the perfect platform for you to promote your business to new customers for free whilst also being able to interact with your existing parents. Find out how to optimise your business page for search engines here.

Link your website to your social media pages

Let parents know that you’re active on sites such as Facebook and Twitter by displaying their logos on your website. You could even include a mini timeline feed somewhere on your site! This will keep traffic driving through your site and onto your social pages, whilst also boosting interaction with your visitors.

Keep your content updated

It’s easy to forget the importance of keeping your nursery website content up to date, relevant and keyword-rich and yet all of these things are what make your site appear in Google and other search engines. Whilst using keywords is an important factor in helping your nursery website get found by parents, the actual content will be read by parents and therefore you want to ensure that it’s relevant to them without being too repetitive.

Take lots of photographs

A picture speaks a thousand words and the best way to market your nursery is to include up-to-date, good quality images on your website and Facebook page. This is the perfect way to keep visitors engaged as well as showing them what the children get up to at your nursery. They’re also a great way to illustrate your values and show off your setting at the same time!

Know your unique selling point

Your unique selling point (USP) is something that sets your nursery apart from the rest. This might be that you offer a holiday club outside of term time, that you’re a forest school or that you follow the Montessori Method. Whatever it is, it’s important that you display and advertise this effectively, as it’s a key feature of your business and therefore a key selling point and, as it’s something that’s already in place, all you need to do is tell people about it!

Display parent testimonials

Whether parents are leaving you emails, messages or reviews on social media, make sure that you’re including these in marketing resources such as a prospectus, flyer or website. Testimonials are a great way of letting your provision speak for itself, whilst reassuring prospective parents that they can trust the service you provide.

Make sure you’re displaying your awards and accreditations 

Display awards and logos of organisations you’ve been accredited by - both in your nursery and on your website. You can also do posts about each of these on Facebook as well as listing them under the ‘Awards’ section of your About tab. Things such as Ofsted, Food Hygiene, NDNA and Millie’s Mark are accreditations that parents will be able to identify straight away and will help build credibility for your business.

Advertise your nursery on residential pages

If you’re finding it hard to gain a following on your Facebook page, try posting on residential pages in your local area such as ‘Face-bay’ or ‘Local childcare’. You’ll find lots of groups and pages where people advertise their businesses/offers and this will help you reach parents in and around your local area.

If you want more advice on how you could effectively market your nursery then get in touch with our digital team - we'd be happy to help!

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