We understand what a daunting and worrying process it can be to introduce new nursery software into your setting. You may find resistance from staff, worry about how personal data will be transferred and also have concerns about what may go wrong. Here at Parenta, we have lots of different ways to make that transition easier on you and your staff.

1. Your software is built around your setting’s needs

Every childcare provider is unique and, before your software is built, we work hard to understand how your setting runs. The information we collect from you provides the building blocks to help us configure your system. So, by the time you start using it, your nursery software will be adapted to your setting’s unique requirements.

2. You can leave us to take care of data transfer

Our Customer Care Team can mass upload data such as names, date of birth and contact details so it’s ready for the first time you log into the software. This ensures that you’ll be able to hit the ground running from day 1, without the painstaking task of having to load this information into the system yourself.

3. You don’t have to install any software

As our software is hosted online, all you need is an internet connection to ensure you can access it. This means you won’t have to install anything on your computers or servers beforehand. When your nursery software is ready to use, you’ll receive an email from us – then you can get going!

4. You’ll have a dedicated account manager

As part of the set-up of your nursery software, you’ll have your own account manager who will be your main contact point for all training and any enquiries. They’ll give you a courtesy call every week to check how you’re getting on, reducing to once per month when you’re more comfortable using the system.

5. You’ll have unlimited support going forward

We understand how important it is for you to have someone to talk to when you’re stuck or just want to ask a question about using the new software. That’s why you can call our friendly Customer Care Team, from 8am -8pm weekdays, for unlimited training and support on your Abacus system.

We’d like to make the process of implementing your new nursery software as pleasant and pain-free as we can. We know that it can take a while to get up to speed with using a new system, but we’ll hold your hand as much or as little as you need along the way.

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