Building a great childcare website which looks vibrant, professional and inviting to parents is one thing. But there’s no point in having a wonderful-looking site if it doesn’t help you generate enquiries from parents and fill places. It would be just like opening a shopping centre and then not having any shops for people to spend their money in!

Not only must your childcare website attract online visitors, it must also be able to convert them to real-time enquiries. So how can you do this?

1. Use plenty of calls to action

Calls to action (CTAs) prompt your visitors to do something, such as ‘contact us’ or ‘download your free guide’. Marketing software provider HubSpot found that text-based CTAs increased their conversion rates by 121%! The most effective CTAs should not feel like you’re selling something; they should offer the reader something which excites them.

2. Make conversion easy

Make it easy for visitors to do the thing you want them to do – whether it be signing up for your mailing list, booking a showround or buying additional products or services from you. If you want people to do something specific, like filling in an enquiry form, you must make it straightforward by limiting the number of steps/time it takes to complete the process.

3. Check your contact details

Sounds simple enough, but this can be easily overlooked! Make sure your key contact details such as telephone, address and email are all correct and equally – that they’re placed prominently enough on your website (for example, in the top right-hand corner) that they’re impossible for your visitors to miss.

4. Make sure your enquiry forms work

Just as a matter of course, it’s a good idea to check the forms on your website are working when someone submits their details. One red flag would be if you’re getting a regular 10 enquiries a week then you go through a week where you get 0. It could be coincidence, but if you have a feeling something’s wrong, it’s always worthwhile checking.

5. Try using a popup

Some people find popups annoying, but the truth is they really do work! Marketing experts Kissmetrics found that using popups doubled their conversion rate. The key is to have one or two tasteful popups which do not distract the visitor from their experience of your website. So don’t create a huge popup which covers up most of the content on your page or make it difficult for visitors to close.

Even if your childcare or nursery website is drawing in lots of traffic, it’s what you’re doing with this traffic that matters most. Are you getting a steady string of enquiries coming through each month? If not, it may be time to review the layout and content of your website using the tips we’ve provided above.

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