During an inspection at St John’s Pre-school Playgroup back in March, staff were praised for being “positive role models for children” as well as encouraging the use of good manners.

Overall the setting was rated as ‘good’ for a second time, with the inspector stating that: “Children share, take turns, are polite and friendly and learn to be respectful and kind.”

The report continued to say that: “All children get lots of opportunities to play outside in the well-resourced garden. They love exploring the natural environment and pretend to bake cakes in the mud kitchen.”

It was also highlighted that the pre-school works well with parents, with the report stating that the relationship between the two is “strong”. Parents spoke highly of the care their children receive, describing staff as “supportive and caring”.

An area for improvement highlighted was to seek the views of parents to contribute to the development of the pre-school in the drive towards excellence.

The pre-school has now been operating for over 40 years, having been set up in 1965. They are run by a committee of volunteers.

Claire Beardsall, who chairs the committee, said of the positive results:

“Our ethos is that we are very much here for the community. Our key aim is the development of the children and getting them ready for school.

“It’s really hard for these sorts of pre-schools to keep going – without our committee, who are all volunteers, we would cease to exist.

“All the staff work really hard, and so to get these Ofsted results, we’re absolutely delighted.”

Julie Anson, who has been the pre-school manager for the past year, said: “It was fantastic to find out that we’d been rated good again. We help the children strive to do the best they can.

“We’ve got a really good garden which is fantastic and features a ‘mud kitchen’ where the children can get as messy as they like. They love it.

“Parents can also keep track of their children’s work – they can go online with their passwords and see their workbooks and little videos we take too.”

Congratulations St John’s Pre-school Playgroup on the fantastic report!

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