Competing for a job can be a tough process and there are lots of candidates out there applying for the same role as you. Therefore, making your CV stand out from the rest is essential if you want to get through to interview stage. A video CV is a great way to present your application for a job and make sure you’re getting the right information across, but always make sure the employer is happy to accept these first!

What are the benefits of a video CV?

  • They can make you stand out from the crowd, with most applicants only applying with a typed CV.
  • It gives you the opportunity to show off your creativity – a video CV tells your employer that you’ve taken the time to put something together and have thought outside the box.
  • It can be done using simple and free software such as Movie Maker, so you don’t need to spend much money.
  • It’s the perfect opportunity to show off your personality and make a positive first impression before even reaching the interview stage.
  • Video CVs can provide you with an opportunity to showcase your skills in a personal way and explore how they relate to the job in question.

What things do I need to consider in my video?

It’s important that you’re including the right features in your video and that you’re not just giving the employer information which isn’t relevant; the whole point is to be direct and show off your skills.

  • What you wear – ensure you’re dressed smart, even though it’s not an interview you should treat it like one and first impressions are extremely important.
  • Your environment – ensure that the area behind you is suitably tidy with no distracting posters, furniture or noises.
  • Lighting – You need lots of light but be careful of glares so be sure to stand away from any windows, reflective surfaces and computer screens as this glare can be distracting.
  • Your introduction – be sure to introduce yourself as you would normally before leading into the body of your CV.
  • The structure – just like a written CV, your video should be clearly structured with information about yourself, the role you want, your experience and skills as well as any hobbies and interests you have. It can help to be prepared with a script!
  • A portfolio – if you’re applying to a job that is creative then be sure to include some examples of your previous work at some point in your video.
  • Contact details – you can do this at the beginning, end or both as a visual to ensure the employer can jot down this important information.

What should I not be doing?

The video you create should be a showcase of why you would be suitable for the job you’re applying for, so be sure to avoid the following:

  • Talking too much about yourself and your hobbies – a brief overview is great but save some of it for the interview.
  • Lots of hand gestures and fillers – your CV needs to be structured and professional, not overanimated or showing you fumbling for your words – if you’re going to make a video, employers will expect it to flow well.
  • Too many animations or screen effects – these can become very distracting and too much could make your video look unprofessional; if you’re applying for a video/editing based role try linking to some of the videos in your portfolio which show off your other skills.

Once your video is ready, be sure to get someone to check it over for anything you might have missed. Then, when you have the ‘all clear’, press send and cross your fingers. Good luck!

If you’ve successfully created a video CV or have any other tips please leave your comments below!

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