Healthy Eating Week will take place from 12th – 16th June 2017. It is the fifth annual Healthy Eating Week, organised by the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF).

Registration for Healthy Eating Week is free and over 7,900 nurseries and schools have registered, which represents 3.7 million children.

Those registered will benefit from a variety of resources, which will help boost the children’s understanding of the importance of healthy eating. These will include board games, activity ideas and a series of daily challenges such as having breakfast, 5-a-day, getting active and trying something new. There will also be online health webinars and online cooking classes.

This year, the theme is ‘applied learning’. It will encourage children to take control of their own healthy eating and they can become their school’s ambassadors for the week, to encourage their peers. Schools can download an Ambassador Pack to encourage children to apply for the role.

This is also the first year that colleges and universities have been encouraged to get involved. More than 110 colleges and 140 workplaces will also be taking part across the UK; this will involve nearly half a million adults.

Roy Ballam, managing director and head of education at the BNF, said: “Each year Healthy Eating Week continues to grow. With the importance of a good diet and regular physical activity increasingly prominent, adults and children alike are keen to increase their knowledge on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle.”

A new BNF study will be sent out among 4,000 UK children aged between 5 and 16.  It is one of the biggest surveys of its kind and will be sent out to all settings registered for Healthy Eating Week on Monday 13th June. It is hoped the survey will provide an insight into children’s knowledge of healthy eating, as well as their eating habits and physical activity.

For more information about BNF Healthy Eating Week 2017 and to register your nursery or school, visit: www.healthyeatingweek.org.uk.

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