Writing your CV (especially if you haven’t updated it in a long time) can be a tricky task and it’s easy to assume that filling it out with lots of jargon looks good – it doesn’t! Here’s a list of the top things we found that candidates include on their CVs that they shouldn’t.

  1. Irrelevant work experience

It’s important to include where you’ve worked previously, however, if it has no relevance to the job you’re applying for, don’t include it! You should also avoid writing about any work experience that is older than 15 years, short term employment or highlighting that you’ve taken a career gap. Recruiters are looking through 100’s of CVs and only want to see relevant information about the role they’re recruiting for, so be sure to focus on this.

  1. Reasons why you’ve left a job

If you’re changing roles, you’re bound to be asked “Why are you looking to leave your current job?” but you should always reply with something positive such as “I’m looking for a new challenge” or “I can’t learn anything new where I am.” Slandering your employer doesn’t look professional and can actually prevent you from getting a new job elsewhere.

  1. A list of tasks or duties without adding relevance

If you’re going to list out what duties you have in your current role, then be sure to add relevance or results to these. Show the employer what you have to offer and what you’ve already accomplished, not just what is expected of you in your day-to-day role. Instead, include information about the success of your duties and how they were measured, i.e. they significantly boosted morale within your team or helped to reduce staff turnover.

  1. Personal information

Things such as your age, sex, sexuality and religion do not need to be included on a CV. With new laws being passed, asking for this information is illegal and therefore there is no need for you to include it. Adding this information can invite discrimination from the employer.

  1. Poor formatting

The way your CV appears in front of a recruiter is crucial. Within the first 30 seconds, they will gain their initial impressions and a badly formatted CV is likely to be put on the decline pile. Make sure your CV is laid out appropriately and the information is bullet pointed as opposed to being in big chunks of text. You should also avoid using outdated or fancy fonts and instead opt for common fonts such as Arial.

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