A nursery is under fire as a child escaped without any staff noticing. The child escaped from Play2learn in Hounslow, and was later found by a member of the public in the park behind the nursery. They then escorted the tot back to the nursery.

It was reported to Ofsted on the 7th June, as there were concerns about the safety and wellbeing of the other children attending the nursery. The following day Ofsted made a surprise inspection to make sure they were meeting the EYFS welfare requirements.

The inspectors reviewed the arrival of collection procedures, checked the security of the premises and interviewed the manager; giving the nursery a notice of improvement on completion.

Ofsted stated: “We found that a child had managed to leave the premises unsupervised.

“The provider confirmed that they have instigated a review of practice and an internal investigation is in process.

“The provider has introduced a revised procedure to improve security and reduce the potential of a child being able to leave the premises unsupervised in the future.”

The nursery was informed that to improve, they had to make sure they kept children safe at all times and they do not leave the premises unsupervised and are always within sight and hearing.  They have also been advised to take all reasonable steps to make sure no unauthorised person can enter the building.

Ofsted will also continue to monitor the actions taken by the nursery.

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